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Title: Fluid flow monitoring device

A flow meter and temperature measuring device are described comprising a tube with a body centered therein for restricting flow and a sleeve at the upper end of the tube to carry several channels formed longitudinally in the sleeve to the appropriate axial location where they penetrate the tube to allow pressure measurements and temperature measurements with thermocouples. The high pressure measurement is made using a channel penetrating the tube away from the body and the low pressure measurement is made at a location at the widest part of the body. An end plug seals the end of the device and holes at its upper end allow fluid to pass from the interior of the tube into a plenum. The channels are made by cutting grooves in the sleeve, the grooves widened at the surface of the sleeve and then a strip of sleeve material is welded to the grooves closing the channels. Preferably the sleeve is packed with powdered graphite before cutting the grooves and welding the strips. 7 figures.
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PTO; EDB-94-056712
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US 5265478; A
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PPN: US 7-664717
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Patent File Date: 5 Mar 1991
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United States
47 OTHER INSTRUMENTATION; PRESSURE GAGES; DESIGN; THERMOMETERS; FABRICATION; FLOWMETERS; OPERATION; MEASURING INSTRUMENTS; METERS; 440800* - Miscellaneous Instrumentation- (1990-); 440500 - Thermal Instrumentation- (1990-)