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Title: Supercapacitors based on carbon foams

A high energy density capacitor incorporating a variety of carbon foam electrodes is described. The foams, derived from the pyrolysis of resorcinol-formaldehyde and related polymers, are high density (0.1 g/cc-1.0 g/cc) electrically conductive and have high surface areas (400 m[sup 2]/g-1000 m[sup 2]/g). Capacitances on the order of several tens of farad per gram of electrode are achieved. 9 figures.
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OSTI Identifier:
PTO; EDB-94-056195
Patent Number(s):
US 5260855; A
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PPN: US 7-822438
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Patent File Date: 17 Jan 1992
Country of Publication:
United States
42 ENGINEERING; 36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; CAPACITORS; DESIGN; DIELECTRIC MATERIALS; FABRICATION; PHYSICAL PROPERTIES; ELECTRIC CONDUCTIVITY; ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT; ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES; EQUIPMENT; MATERIALS; 426000* - Engineering- Components, Electron Devices & Circuits- (1990-); 360601 - Other Materials- Preparation & Manufacture; 360606 - Other Materials- Physical Properties- (1992-)