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Title: Powder collection apparatus/method

Device for separating and collecting ultrafine atomized powder from the gas stream of a gas atomizing apparatus comprises a housing having an interior wall oriented at an angle relative to horizontal so as to form a downwardly converging, conical expansion chamber, an inlet conduit communicated to the expansion chamber proximate an upper region thereof for receiving the gas stream, and an outlet proximate a lower region of the expansion chamber. The inlet conduit is oriented at a compound inclined angle (with respect to horizontal) selected to promote separation and collection of powder from the gas stream in the expansion chamber. The compound angle comprises a first entrance angle that is greater than the angle of repose of the powder on the housing interior wall such that any powder accumulation in the inlet conduit tends to flow down the wall toward the outlet. The second angle is selected generally equal to the angle of the housing interior wall measured from the same horizontal plane so as to direct the gas stream into the expansion chamber generally tangent to the housing interior wall to establish a downward swirling gas stream flow in the expansion chamber. A powder collection container is communicated tomore » the outlet of the expansion chamber to collect the powder for further processing. 4 figures.« less
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Iowa State Univ. Research Foundation, Inc., Ames, IA () PTO; EDB-94-064065
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US 5277705; A
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PPN: US 7-997725
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Patent File Date: 30 Dec 1992
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United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; POWDERS; MATERIALS RECOVERY; SEPARATION EQUIPMENT; DESIGN; ATOMIZATION; GASES; INCLINATION; OPERATION; SEPARATION PROCESSES; FLUIDS; MANAGEMENT; PROCESSING; WASTE MANAGEMENT; WASTE PROCESSING; 360101* - Metals & Alloys- Preparation & Fabrication; 360201 - Ceramics, Cermets, & Refractories- Preparation & Fabrication; 360601 - Other Materials- Preparation & Manufacture