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Title: Methods and apparatus to detect and annotate backedges in a dataflow graph


Disclosed examples to detect and annotate backedges in data-flow graphs include: a characteristic detector to store a node characteristic identifier in memory in association with a first node of a dataflow graph; a characteristic comparator to compare the node characteristic identifier with a reference criterion; and a backedge identifier generator to generate a backedge identifier indicative of a backedge between the first node and a second node of the dataflow graph based on the comparison, the memory to store the backedge identifier in association with a connection arc between the first and second nodes.

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Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA (United States)
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Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, CA)
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Patent File Date: 03/30/2019
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United States

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ChoFleming, Jr., Kermin E., Tithi, Jesmin Jahan, Cranmer, Joshua, and Srinivasan, Suresh. Methods and apparatus to detect and annotate backedges in a dataflow graph. United States: N. p., 2021. Web.
ChoFleming, Jr., Kermin E., Tithi, Jesmin Jahan, Cranmer, Joshua, & Srinivasan, Suresh. Methods and apparatus to detect and annotate backedges in a dataflow graph. United States.
ChoFleming, Jr., Kermin E., Tithi, Jesmin Jahan, Cranmer, Joshua, and Srinivasan, Suresh. Tue . "Methods and apparatus to detect and annotate backedges in a dataflow graph". United States.
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author = {ChoFleming, Jr., Kermin E. and Tithi, Jesmin Jahan and Cranmer, Joshua and Srinivasan, Suresh},
abstractNote = {Disclosed examples to detect and annotate backedges in data-flow graphs include: a characteristic detector to store a node characteristic identifier in memory in association with a first node of a dataflow graph; a characteristic comparator to compare the node characteristic identifier with a reference criterion; and a backedge identifier generator to generate a backedge identifier indicative of a backedge between the first node and a second node of the dataflow graph based on the comparison, the memory to store the backedge identifier in association with a connection arc between the first and second nodes.},
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