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Title: Fast address translation for virtual machines


A host machine uses a range-based address translation system rather than a conventional page-based system. This enables address translation to be performed with improved efficiency, particularly when nest virtual machines are used. A data processing system utilizes range-based address translation to provide fast address translation for virtual machines that use virtual address space.

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Arm Ltd., Cambridge (United Kingdom)
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Arm Limited (Cambridge, GB)
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Patent File Date: 11/21/2017
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United States

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Rusitoru, Roxana, Beard, Jonathan Curtis, and Dunham, Curtis Glenn. Fast address translation for virtual machines. United States: N. p., 2020. Web.
Rusitoru, Roxana, Beard, Jonathan Curtis, & Dunham, Curtis Glenn. Fast address translation for virtual machines. United States.
Rusitoru, Roxana, Beard, Jonathan Curtis, and Dunham, Curtis Glenn. Tue . "Fast address translation for virtual machines". United States.
title = {Fast address translation for virtual machines},
author = {Rusitoru, Roxana and Beard, Jonathan Curtis and Dunham, Curtis Glenn},
abstractNote = {A host machine uses a range-based address translation system rather than a conventional page-based system. This enables address translation to be performed with improved efficiency, particularly when nest virtual machines are used. A data processing system utilizes range-based address translation to provide fast address translation for virtual machines that use virtual address space.},
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