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Title: Plants with engineered endogenous genes


Genetically engineered plants expressing altered Glucan Water Dikinase and having elevated levels of starch are provided. Methods of genetically engineering plants to express altered Glucan Water Dikinase, and genetic constructs are provided. Methods of breeding genetically engineered plants homozygous for a mutated gene encoding an altered Glucan Water Dikinase are described. Methods of agricultural processing and animal feed using the genetically engineered plants are also provided.

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Agrivida, Inc., Medford, MA (United States)
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Agrivida, Inc. (Medford, MA)
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Patent File Date: 01/31/2017
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United States

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Raab, R. Michael, Lanahan, Michael, Bonin, Christopher, and Bougri, Oleg. Plants with engineered endogenous genes. United States: N. p., 2019. Web.
Raab, R. Michael, Lanahan, Michael, Bonin, Christopher, & Bougri, Oleg. Plants with engineered endogenous genes. United States.
Raab, R. Michael, Lanahan, Michael, Bonin, Christopher, and Bougri, Oleg. Tue . "Plants with engineered endogenous genes". United States.
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