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Title: Electrolyte for electrochemical cell


The electrolyte includes a cyclic polysiloxane having one or more side chains that each includes a poly(alkylene oxide) moiety and a spacer. Each spacer is positioned between the poly(alkylene oxide) moiety and a silicon on the main chain of the polysiloxane.

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Quallion LLC, Slymar, CA (United States)
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Quallion LLC (Slymar, CA)
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Patent File Date: 2003-09-15
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United States

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Amine, Khalil, West, Robert C., Zhang, Zhengcheng, and Oh, Bookeun. Electrolyte for electrochemical cell. United States: N. p., 2009. Web.
Amine, Khalil, West, Robert C., Zhang, Zhengcheng, & Oh, Bookeun. Electrolyte for electrochemical cell. United States.
Amine, Khalil, West, Robert C., Zhang, Zhengcheng, and Oh, Bookeun. Tue . "Electrolyte for electrochemical cell". United States.
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