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Title: Bioreactors including enzyme-embedded multicomponent polymers


According to one general embodiment, a membrane, includes a polymeric network configured to separate a first fluid and a second fluid, where the first and second fluids are different; and a plurality of enzymatic reactive components embedded within the polymeric network. According to another embodiment, a bioreactor includes a lattice of three dimensional structures, each structure including a membrane having: a polymeric network configured to separate a first fluid and a second fluid, where the first and second fluids are different; and a plurality of enzymatic reactive components embedded within the polymeric network.

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Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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Patent File Date: 2016 Jan 21
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United States

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Stolaroff, Joshuah K., Aines, Roger, Baker, Sarah, Blanchette, Craig D., Maiti, Amitesh, Vericella, John, and Oakdale, James S. Bioreactors including enzyme-embedded multicomponent polymers. United States: N. p., 2019. Web.
Stolaroff, Joshuah K., Aines, Roger, Baker, Sarah, Blanchette, Craig D., Maiti, Amitesh, Vericella, John, & Oakdale, James S. Bioreactors including enzyme-embedded multicomponent polymers. United States.
Stolaroff, Joshuah K., Aines, Roger, Baker, Sarah, Blanchette, Craig D., Maiti, Amitesh, Vericella, John, and Oakdale, James S. Tue . "Bioreactors including enzyme-embedded multicomponent polymers". United States.
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abstractNote = {According to one general embodiment, a membrane, includes a polymeric network configured to separate a first fluid and a second fluid, where the first and second fluids are different; and a plurality of enzymatic reactive components embedded within the polymeric network. According to another embodiment, a bioreactor includes a lattice of three dimensional structures, each structure including a membrane having: a polymeric network configured to separate a first fluid and a second fluid, where the first and second fluids are different; and a plurality of enzymatic reactive components embedded within the polymeric network.},
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