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Title: Method and compositions for improved lignocellulosic material hydrolysis


A method of digesting a lignocellulosic material is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises the step of exposing the material to an effective amount of Streptomyces sp. ActE secretome such that at least partial lignocellulosic digestion occurs.

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Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Madison, WI (United States)
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Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (Madison, WI)
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Patent File Date: 2015 Sep 11
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United States

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Fox, Brian Grant, Takasuka, Taichi, Book, Adam Joel, and Currie, Cameron Robert. Method and compositions for improved lignocellulosic material hydrolysis. United States: N. p., 2018. Web.
Fox, Brian Grant, Takasuka, Taichi, Book, Adam Joel, & Currie, Cameron Robert. Method and compositions for improved lignocellulosic material hydrolysis. United States.
Fox, Brian Grant, Takasuka, Taichi, Book, Adam Joel, and Currie, Cameron Robert. Tue . "Method and compositions for improved lignocellulosic material hydrolysis". United States.
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