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Title: Variant enzymes


Disclosed are glycosyl hydrolase enzyme variants, particularly variants of certain oxidoreductases of glycosyl hydrolase family 61. Nucleic acids encoding the glycosyl hydrolyase variants, compositions including the glycosyl hydrolase variants, methods of producing the variants, and methods of using the variants are also described.

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Patent File Date: 2016 Jul 24
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Foukaraki, Maria, Hommes, Ronaldus Wilhelmus, Kaper, Thijs, Kelemen, Bradley R., Kralj, Slavko, Lantz, Suzanne E., Nikolaev, Igor, Van Der Kley, Wilhelmus, Van Lieshout, Johan Franciscus Thomas, and Van Stigt Thans, Sander. Variant enzymes. United States: N. p., 2019. Web.
Foukaraki, Maria, Hommes, Ronaldus Wilhelmus, Kaper, Thijs, Kelemen, Bradley R., Kralj, Slavko, Lantz, Suzanne E., Nikolaev, Igor, Van Der Kley, Wilhelmus, Van Lieshout, Johan Franciscus Thomas, & Van Stigt Thans, Sander. Variant enzymes. United States.
Foukaraki, Maria, Hommes, Ronaldus Wilhelmus, Kaper, Thijs, Kelemen, Bradley R., Kralj, Slavko, Lantz, Suzanne E., Nikolaev, Igor, Van Der Kley, Wilhelmus, Van Lieshout, Johan Franciscus Thomas, and Van Stigt Thans, Sander. Tue . "Variant enzymes". United States.
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abstractNote = {Disclosed are glycosyl hydrolase enzyme variants, particularly variants of certain oxidoreductases of glycosyl hydrolase family 61. Nucleic acids encoding the glycosyl hydrolyase variants, compositions including the glycosyl hydrolase variants, methods of producing the variants, and methods of using the variants are also described.},
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