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Title: Morphologically and size uniform monodisperse particles and their shape-directed self-assembly

Monodisperse particles having: a single pure crystalline phase of a rare earth-containing lattice, a uniform three-dimensional size, and a uniform polyhedral morphology are disclosed. Due to their uniform size and shape, the monodisperse particles self assemble into superlattices. The particles may be luminescent particles such as down-converting phosphor particles and up-converting phosphors. The monodisperse particles of the invention have a rare earth-containing lattice which in one embodiment may be an yttrium-containing lattice or in another may be a lanthanide-containing lattice. The monodisperse particles may have different optical properties based on their composition, their size, and/or their morphology (or shape). Also disclosed is a combination of at least two types of monodisperse particles, where each type is a plurality of monodisperse particles having a single pure crystalline phase of a rare earth-containing lattice, a uniform three-dimensional size, and a uniform polyhedral morphology; and where the types of monodisperse particles differ from one another by composition, by size, or by morphology. In a preferred embodiment, the types of monodisperse particles have the same composition but different morphologies. Methods of making and methods of using the monodisperse particles are disclosed.
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Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc. (Princeton, NJ); The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvannia (Philadelphia, PA) CHO
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Patent File Date: 2017 Aug 16
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Intelligent Material Solutions, Inc., Princeton, NJ (United States); The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvannia, Philadelphia, PA (United States)
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United States

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