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Title: Circulating fluidized bed with moving bed downcomers and gas sealing between reactors


A system and process for carrying out one or more chemical reactions are provided and include one or more chemical reactors having particulate solids forming a bed therein, and a gas stripping zone forming a non-mechanical seal between said reactors which includes a conduit connecting the reactors. The conduit includes an inlet for a stripping gas which is adapted to prevent process gas from passing between reactors while permitting particulate solids to pass between reactors.

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Ohio State Innovation Foundation, Columbus, OH (United States)
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Ohio State Innovation Foundation (Columbus, OH)
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Patent File Date: 2011 Nov 08
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United States

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Fan, Liang-Shih, Li, Fanxing, Wang, Fei, Tong, Andrew S., Karri, Surya B. R., Findlay, John G., Knowlton, Ted M., and Cocco, Raymond A. Circulating fluidized bed with moving bed downcomers and gas sealing between reactors. United States: N. p., 2018. Web.
Fan, Liang-Shih, Li, Fanxing, Wang, Fei, Tong, Andrew S., Karri, Surya B. R., Findlay, John G., Knowlton, Ted M., & Cocco, Raymond A. Circulating fluidized bed with moving bed downcomers and gas sealing between reactors. United States.
Fan, Liang-Shih, Li, Fanxing, Wang, Fei, Tong, Andrew S., Karri, Surya B. R., Findlay, John G., Knowlton, Ted M., and Cocco, Raymond A. Tue . "Circulating fluidized bed with moving bed downcomers and gas sealing between reactors". United States.
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