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Title: Methods and systems for chemoautotrophic production of organic compounds


The present disclosure identifies pathways, mechanisms, systems and methods to confer chemoautotrophic production of carbon-based products of interest, such as sugars, alcohols, chemicals, amino acids, polymers, fatty acids and their derivatives, hydrocarbons, isoprenoids, and intermediates thereof, in organisms such that these organisms efficiently convert inorganic carbon to organic carbon-based products of interest using inorganic energy, such as formate, and in particular the use of organisms for the commercial production of various carbon-based products of interest.

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Ginkgo BioWorks, Inc., Boston, MA (United States)
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Ginkgo BioWorks, Inc. (Boston, MA)
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Patent File Date: 2012 Oct 30
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United States

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Fischer, Curt R., Che, Austin J., Shetty, Reshma P., & Kelly, Jason R. Methods and systems for chemoautotrophic production of organic compounds. United States.
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abstractNote = {The present disclosure identifies pathways, mechanisms, systems and methods to confer chemoautotrophic production of carbon-based products of interest, such as sugars, alcohols, chemicals, amino acids, polymers, fatty acids and their derivatives, hydrocarbons, isoprenoids, and intermediates thereof, in organisms such that these organisms efficiently convert inorganic carbon to organic carbon-based products of interest using inorganic energy, such as formate, and in particular the use of organisms for the commercial production of various carbon-based products of interest.},
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