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Title: Modular assembly of metal-organic super-containers incorporating calixarenes

A new strategy to design container molecules is presented. Sulfonylcalix[4]arenes, which are synthetic macrocyclic containers, are used as building blocks that are combined with various metal ions and tricarboxylate ligands to construct metal-organic `super-containers` (MOSCs). These MOSCs possess both endo and exo cavities and thus mimic the structure of viruses. The synthesis of MOSCs is highly modular, robust, and predictable.
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South Dakota Board of Regents (Pierre, SD) CHO
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FG02-08ER64624; EE0000270
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Patent File Date: 2013 Apr 15
Research Org:
South Dakota Board of Regents, Pierre, SD (United States)
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United States

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