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Title: Stabilization of battery electrodes using polymer coatings

An electrochemical device (e.g., a battery (cell)) including: an aqueous electrolyte and one or two electrodes (e.g., an anode and/or a cathode), one or both of which is a Prussian Blue analogue material of the general chemical formula A.sub.xP[R(CN).sub.6-jL.sub.j].sub.z.nH.sub.2O, where: A is a cation; P is a metal cation; R is a transition metal cation; L is a ligand that may be substituted in the place of a CN.sup.- ligand; 0.ltoreq.x.ltoreq.2; 0.ltoreq.z.ltoreq.1; and 0.ltoreq.n.ltoreq.5, the electrode including a polymer coating to reduce capacity loss.
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Natron Energy, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) ARPA-E
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Patent File Date: 2013 May 13
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Natron Energy, Inc., Santa Clara, CA (United States)
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United States

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