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Title: Photon energy conversion by near-zero permittivity nonlinear materials

Efficient harmonic light generation can be achieved with ultrathin films by coupling an incident pump wave to an epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) mode of the thin film. As an example, efficient third harmonic generation from an indium tin oxide nanofilm (.lamda./42 thick) on a glass substrate for a pump wavelength of 1.4 .mu.m was demonstrated. A conversion efficiency of 3.3.times.10.sup.-6 was achieved by exploiting the field enhancement properties of the ENZ mode with an enhancement factor of 200. This nanoscale frequency conversion method is applicable to other plasmonic materials and reststrahlen materials in proximity of the longitudinal optical phonon frequencies.
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National Technology & Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC (Albuquerque, NM) SNL-A
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Patent File Date: 2016 Feb 10
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Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)
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United States

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