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Title: Power converter using near-load output capacitance, direct inductor contact, and/or remote current sense

An apparatus includes a first circuit board including first components including a load, and a second circuit board including second components including switching power devices and an output inductor. Ground and output voltage contacts between the circuit boards are made through soldered or connectorized interfaces. Certain components on the first circuit board and certain components, including the output inductor, on the second circuit board act as a DC-DC voltage converter for the load. An output capacitance for the conversion is on the first circuit board with no board-to-board interface between the output capacitance and the load. The inductance of the board-to-board interface functions as part of the output inductor's inductance and not as a parasitic inductance. Sense components for sensing current through the output inductor are located on the first circuit board. Parasitic inductance of the board-to-board interface has less effect on a sense signal provided to a controller.
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Patent File Date: 2015 Dec 30
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