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Title: Process-based approach for the detection of CO2 injectate leakage

The present invention includes a method for distinguishing between a natural source of deep gas and gas leaking from a CO.sub.2 storage reservoir at a near surface formation comprising: obtaining one or more surface or near surface geological samples; measuring a CO.sub.2, an O.sub.2, a CH.sub.4, and an N.sub.2 level from the surface or near surface geological sample; determining the water vapor content at or above the surface or near surface geological samples; normalizing the gas mixture of the CO.sub.2, the O.sub.2, the CH.sub.4, the N.sub.2 and the water vapor content to 100% by volume or 1 atmospheric total pressure; determining: a ratio of CO.sub.2 versus N.sub.2; and a ratio of CO.sub.2 to N.sub.2, wherein if the ratio is greater than that produced by a natural source of deep gas CO.sub.2 or deep gas methane oxidizing to CO.sub.2, the ratio is indicative of gas leaking from a CO.sub.2 storage reservoir.
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Board of Regents, The University of Texas System (Austin, TX) ALO
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FG04-90AL65847; FG26-05NT42590
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Patent File Date: 2014 Jun 27
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Board of Regents, The University of Texas System, Austin, TX (United States)
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United States

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