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Title: Converging flow joint insert system at an intersection between adjacent transitions extending between a combustor and a turbine assembly in a gas turbine engine

A transition duct system (100) for routing a gas flow from a combustor (102) to the first stage (104) of a turbine section (106) in a combustion turbine engine (108), wherein the transition duct system (100) includes one or more converging flow joint inserts (120) forming a trailing edge (122) at an intersection (124) between adjacent transition ducts (126, 128) is disclosed. The transition duct system (100) may include a transition duct (126, 128) having an internal passage (130) extending between an inlet (132, 184) to an outlet (134, 186) and may expel gases into the first stage turbine (104) with a tangential component. The converging flow joint insert (120) may be contained within a converging flow joint insert receiver (136) and disconnected from the transition duct bodies (126, 128) by which the converging flow joint insert (120) is positioned. Being disconnected eliminates stress formation within the converging flow joint insert (120), thereby enhancing the life of the insert. The converging flow joint insert (120) may be removable such that the insert (120) can be replaced once worn beyond design limits.
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Patent File Date: 2014 Jun 26
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SIEMENS ENERGY, INC. Orlando, FL (United States)
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United States

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