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Title: Metal hydride-based thermal energy storage systems

The invention provides a thermal energy storage system comprising a metal-containing first material with a thermal energy storage density of about 1300 kJ/kg to about 2200 kJ/kg based on hydrogenation; a metal-containing second material with a thermal energy storage density of about 200 kJ/kg to about 1000 kJ/kg based on hydrogenation; and a hydrogen conduit for reversibly transporting hydrogen between the first material and the second material. At a temperature of C. and in 1 hour, at least 90% of the metal is converted to the hydride. At a temperature of C. and in 1 hour, at least 90% of the metal hydride is converted to the metal and hydrogen. The disclosed metal hydride materials have a combination of thermodynamic energy storage densities and kinetic power capabilities that previously have not been demonstrated. This performance enables practical use of thermal energy storage systems for electric vehicle heating and cooling.
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HRL Laboratories, LLC ARPA-E
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Patent File Date: 2014 Oct 21
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HRL Laboratories, LLC Malibu, CA (United States)
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United States

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