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Title: Welding fixture for joining bar-wound stator conductors

A fixture assembly for welding a plurality of stator wire end pairs may include an anvil, a movable clamp configured to translate between an unclamped state and a clamped state, a first grounding electrode, and a second grounding electrode. The movable clamp may be configured to urge the plurality of stator wire ends against the anvil when in the clamped state. The moveable clamp includes a separator feature that generally extends toward the anvil. Each of the first grounding electrode and second grounding electrodes may be configured to translate between a clamped state and an unclamped state. When in the clamped state, each of the first and second grounding electrodes is configured to urge a pair of the plurality of stator wire end pairs against the separator feature.
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Patent File Date: 2012 May 24
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GM Global Technology Operations LLC, Detroit, MI (United States)
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United States

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