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Title: Torque ripple reduction in electric machines

An electric machine, such as an Internal Permanent magnet or Synchronous Reluctance machine, having X phases, that includes a stator assembly, having M slots, with a stator core and stator teeth, that is further configured with stator windings to generate a stator magnetic field when excited with alternating currents and extends along a longitudinal axis with an inner surface that defines a cavity; and a rotor assembly, having N poles, disposed within the cavity which is configured to rotate about the longitudinal axis, wherein the rotor assembly includes a shaft, a rotor core located circumferentially around the shaft. The machine is configured such that a value k=M/(X*N) wherein k is a non-integer greater than about 1.3. The electric machine may alternatively, or additionally, include a non-uniformed gap between the exterior surface of the rotor spokes and the interior stator surface of the stator.
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Patent File Date: 2013 Oct 18
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GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, Niskayuna, NY) (United States)
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United States

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