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Title: Reactor and method for production of nanostructures

A reactor and method for production of nanostructures, including metal oxide nanowires or nanoparticles, are provided. The reactor includes a regulated metal powder delivery system in communication with a dielectric tube; a plasma-forming gas inlet, whereby a plasma-forming gas is delivered substantially longitudinally into the dielectric tube; a sheath gas inlet, whereby a sheath gas is delivered into the dielectric tube; and a microwave energy generator coupled to the dielectric tube, whereby microwave energy is delivered into a plasma-forming gas. The method for producing nanostructures includes providing a reactor to form nanostructures and collecting the formed nanostructures, optionally from a filter located downstream of the dielectric tube.
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University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc. CHO
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FG02-05ER64071; FG36-05G085013A
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Patent File Date: 2012 Apr 04
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University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc. Louisville, KY (United States)
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United States

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