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Title: Method for fabrication of ceramic dielectric films on copper foils

The present invention provides a method for fabricating a ceramic film on a copper foil. The method comprises applying a layer of a sol-gel composition onto a copper foil. The sol-gel composition comprises a precursor of a ceramic material suspended in 2-methoxyethanol. The layer of sol-gel is then dried at a temperature up to about C. The dried layer is then pyrolyzed at a temperature in the range of about 300 to about C. to form a ceramic film from the ceramic precursor. The ceramic film is then crystallized at a temperature in the range of about 600 to about C. The drying, pyrolyzing and crystallizing are performed under a flowing stream of an inert gas. In some embodiments an additional layer of the sol-gel composition is applied onto the ceramic film and the drying, pyrolyzing and crystallizing steps are repeated for the additional layer to build up a thicker ceramic layer on the copper foil. The process can be repeated one or more times if desired.
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UChicago Argonne, LLC (Chicago, IL) ANL
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Patent File Date: 2010 May 25
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Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)
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United States

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