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Title: Methods for synthesizing metal oxide nanowires

A method of synthesizing a metal oxide nanowire includes the steps of: combining an amount of a transition metal or a transition metal oxide with an amount of an alkali metal compound to produce a mixture; activating a plasma discharge reactor to create a plasma discharge; exposing the mixture to the plasma discharge for a first predetermined time period such that transition metal oxide nanowires are formed; contacting the transition metal oxide nanowires with an acid solution such that an alkali metal ion is exchanged for a hydrogen ion on each of the transition metal oxide nanowires; and exposing the transition metal oxide nanowires to the plasma discharge for a second predetermined time period to thermally anneal the transition metal oxide nanowires. Transition metal oxide nanowires produced using the synthesis methods described herein are also provided.
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University of Louisville Research Foundation (Louisville, KY) DOEEE
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EE0003206; FG36-05GO85013
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Patent File Date: 2011 Jul 14
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University of Louisville Research Foundation, Louisville, KY (United States)
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United States

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