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Title: Mesoporous metal oxide graphene nanocomposite materials


A nanocomposite material formed of graphene and a mesoporous metal oxide having a demonstrated specific capacity of more than 200 F/g with particular utility when employed in supercapacitor applications. A method for making these nanocomposite materials by first forming a mixture of graphene, a surfactant, and a metal oxide precursor, precipitating the metal oxide precursor with the surfactant from the mixture to form a mesoporous metal oxide. The mesoporous metal oxide is then deposited onto a surface of the graphene.

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Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
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Battelle Memorial Institute (Richland, WA)
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Patent File Date: 2009 Sep 03
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United States

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Liu, Jun, Aksay, Ilhan A., Kou, Rong, and Wang, Donghai. Mesoporous metal oxide graphene nanocomposite materials. United States: N. p., 2016. Web.
Liu, Jun, Aksay, Ilhan A., Kou, Rong, & Wang, Donghai. Mesoporous metal oxide graphene nanocomposite materials. United States.
Liu, Jun, Aksay, Ilhan A., Kou, Rong, and Wang, Donghai. Tue . "Mesoporous metal oxide graphene nanocomposite materials". United States.
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author = {Liu, Jun and Aksay, Ilhan A. and Kou, Rong and Wang, Donghai},
abstractNote = {A nanocomposite material formed of graphene and a mesoporous metal oxide having a demonstrated specific capacity of more than 200 F/g with particular utility when employed in supercapacitor applications. A method for making these nanocomposite materials by first forming a mixture of graphene, a surfactant, and a metal oxide precursor, precipitating the metal oxide precursor with the surfactant from the mixture to form a mesoporous metal oxide. The mesoporous metal oxide is then deposited onto a surface of the graphene.},
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