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Title: Catalysts for use in electrochemical applications and electrodes and devices using same

An electrode for reduction of an oxidant including a phosphorus-doped carbon-containing catalyst represented by the chemical formula CN.sub.xP.sub.y, where x is from 0 to about 10 wt. % and y is from about 1 ppm to about 10 wt. %. A device for producing electricity by facilitating an electrochemical reaction between a fuel and an oxidant. The device including a first electrode for oxidizing the fuel to produce protons and electrons. The device further includes a second electrode in electrical communication with the first electrode when electrically connected to the external circuit. The second electrode includes a phosphorus-doped carbon-containing catalyst for reducing the oxidant and is represented by the chemical formula CN.sub.xP.sub.y, where x is from 0 to about 10 wt. % and y is from about 1 ppm to about 10 wt. %. The device further includes an electrolyte, such as, a membrane, separating the first electrode from the second electrode.
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The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) CHO
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Patent File Date: 2012 May 17
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The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (United States)
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United States

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