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Title: Process for improving the energy density of feedstocks using formate salts

Methods of forming liquid hydrocarbons through thermal deoxygenation of cellulosic compounds are disclosed. Aspects cover methods including the steps of mixing a levulinic acid salt-containing feedstock with a formic acid salt, exposing the mixture to a high temperature condition to form hydrocarbon vapor, and condensing the hydrocarbon vapor to form liquid hydrocarbons, where both the formic acid salt and the levulinic acid salt-containing feedstock decompose at the high temperature condition and wherein one or more of the mixing, exposing, and condensing steps is carried out a pressure between about vacuum and about 10 bar.
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University of Maine System Board of Trustees (Bangor, ME) GFO
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Patent File Date: 2011 Dec 20
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University of Maine System Board of Trustees, Bangor, ME (United States)
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United States

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