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Title: Uses of monoclonial antibody 8H9


This invention provides an antibody that binds the same antigen as that of monoclonal antibody 8H9, wherein the heavy chain CDR (Complementary Determining Region)1 comprises NYDIN, heavy chain CDR2 comprises WIFPGDGSTQY, heavy chain CDR3 comprises QTTATWFAY, and the light chain CDR1 comprises RASQSISDYLH, light chain CDR2 comprises YASQSIS, and light chain CDR3 comprises QNGHSFPLT. In another embodiment, there is provided a polypeptide that binds the same antigen as that of monoclonal antibody 8H9, wherein the polypeptide comprises NYDIN, WIFPGDGSTQY, QTTATWFAY, RASQSISDYLH, YASQSIS, and QNGHSFPLT.

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Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York, NY (United States)
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Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research (New York, NY)
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Patent File Date: 2013 Apr 08
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United States

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Cheung, Nai-Kong V. Uses of monoclonial antibody 8H9. United States: N. p., 2015. Web.
Cheung, Nai-Kong V. Uses of monoclonial antibody 8H9. United States.
Cheung, Nai-Kong V. Tue . "Uses of monoclonial antibody 8H9". United States.
title = {Uses of monoclonial antibody 8H9},
author = {Cheung, Nai-Kong V.},
abstractNote = {This invention provides an antibody that binds the same antigen as that of monoclonal antibody 8H9, wherein the heavy chain CDR (Complementary Determining Region)1 comprises NYDIN, heavy chain CDR2 comprises WIFPGDGSTQY, heavy chain CDR3 comprises QTTATWFAY, and the light chain CDR1 comprises RASQSISDYLH, light chain CDR2 comprises YASQSIS, and light chain CDR3 comprises QNGHSFPLT. In another embodiment, there is provided a polypeptide that binds the same antigen as that of monoclonal antibody 8H9, wherein the polypeptide comprises NYDIN, WIFPGDGSTQY, QTTATWFAY, RASQSISDYLH, YASQSIS, and QNGHSFPLT.},
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