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Title: Control system for high power laser drilling workover and completion unit


A control and monitoring system controls and monitors a high power laser system for performing high power laser operations. The control and monitoring system is configured to perform high power laser operation on, and in, remote and difficult to access locations.

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Foro Energy, Inc., Littleton, CO (United States)
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Foro Energy, Inc. (Littleton, CO)
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Patent File Date: 2012 Feb 23
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United States

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Zediker, Mark S, Makki, Siamak, Faircloth, Brian O, DeWitt, Ronald A, Allen, Erik C, and Underwood, Lance D. Control system for high power laser drilling workover and completion unit. United States: N. p., 2015. Web.
Zediker, Mark S, Makki, Siamak, Faircloth, Brian O, DeWitt, Ronald A, Allen, Erik C, & Underwood, Lance D. Control system for high power laser drilling workover and completion unit. United States.
Zediker, Mark S, Makki, Siamak, Faircloth, Brian O, DeWitt, Ronald A, Allen, Erik C, and Underwood, Lance D. Tue . "Control system for high power laser drilling workover and completion unit". United States.
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abstractNote = {A control and monitoring system controls and monitors a high power laser system for performing high power laser operations. The control and monitoring system is configured to perform high power laser operation on, and in, remote and difficult to access locations.},
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