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Title: Uses of monoclonal antibody 8H9


This invention provides a composition comprising an effective amount of monoclonal antibody 8H9 or a derivative thereof and a suitable carrier. This invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising an effective amount of monoclonal antibody 8H9 or a derivative thereof and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. This invention also provides an antibody other than the monoclonal antibody 8H9 comprising the complementary determining regions of monoclonal antibody 8H9 or a derivative thereof, capable of binding to the same antigen as the monoclonal antibody 8H9. This invention provides a substance capable of competitively inhibiting the binding of monoclonal antibody 8H9. This invention also provides an isolated scFv of monoclonal antibody 8H9 or a derivative thereof. This invention also provides the 8H9 antigen. This invention also provides a method of inhibiting the growth of tumor cells comprising contacting said tumor cells with an appropriate amount of monoclonal antibody 8H9 or a derivative thereof.

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Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Research, New York, NY (United States)
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Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Research (New York, NY)
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Patent File Date: 2002 Mar 08
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United States

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Cheung, Nai-Kong V. Uses of monoclonal antibody 8H9. United States: N. p., 2010. Web.
Cheung, Nai-Kong V. Uses of monoclonal antibody 8H9. United States.
Cheung, Nai-Kong V. Tue . "Uses of monoclonal antibody 8H9". United States.
title = {Uses of monoclonal antibody 8H9},
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