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Title: Deposition and post-processing techniques for transparent conductive films

In one embodiment, a method is provided for fabrication of a semitransparent conductive mesh. A first solution having conductive nanowires suspended therein and a second solution having nanoparticles suspended therein are sprayed toward a substrate, the spraying forming a mist. The mist is processed, while on the substrate, to provide a semitransparent conductive material in the form of a mesh having the conductive nanowires and nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are configured and arranged to direct light passing through the mesh. Connections between the nanowires provide conductivity through the mesh.
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The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior Univerity (Palo Alto, CA) GFO
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Patent File Date: 2012 Jan 13
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The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Palo Alto, CA (United States)
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United States

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