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Title: Precision wood particle feedstocks with retained moisture contents of greater than 30% dry basis

Wood particles having fibers aligned in a grain, wherein: the wood particles are characterized by a length dimension (L) aligned substantially parallel to the grain, a width dimension (W) normal to L and aligned cross grain, and a height dimension (H) normal to W and L; the L.times.H dimensions define two side surfaces characterized by substantially intact longitudinally arrayed fibers; the W.times.H dimensions define two cross-grain end surfaces characterized individually as aligned either normal to the grain or oblique to the grain; the L.times.W dimensions define two substantially parallel top and bottom surfaces; and, a majority of the W.times.H surfaces in the mixture of wood particles have end checking.
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Forest Concepts, LLC (Auburn, WA) CHO
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Patent File Date: 2012 Dec 24
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Forest Concepts, LLC, Auburn, WA (United States)
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United States

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