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Title: Recombinant hydrogen-producing cyanobacterium and uses thereof


A recombinant cyanobacterium comprising an oxygen-tolerant, hydrogen-evolving hydrogenase, kit, and methods of use.

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Synthetic Genomics, Inc., La Jolla, CA (United States)
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Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (La Jolla, CA)
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Patent File Date: 2007 Oct 16
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United States

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Xu, Qing, and Smith, Hamilton O. Recombinant hydrogen-producing cyanobacterium and uses thereof. United States: N. p., 2014. Web.
Xu, Qing, & Smith, Hamilton O. Recombinant hydrogen-producing cyanobacterium and uses thereof. United States.
Xu, Qing, and Smith, Hamilton O. Tue . "Recombinant hydrogen-producing cyanobacterium and uses thereof". United States.
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