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Title: Method and system for advancement of a borehole using a high power laser


There is provided a system, apparatus and methods for the laser drilling of a borehole in the earth. There is further provided with in the systems a means for delivering high power laser energy down a deep borehole, while maintaining the high power to advance such boreholes deep into the earth and at highly efficient advancement rates, a laser bottom hole assembly, and fluid directing techniques and assemblies for removing the displaced material from the borehole.

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Foro Energy, Inc., Houston, TX (United States)
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Foro Energy, Inc. (Houston, TX)
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United States

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Moxley, Joel F., Land, Mark S., Rinzler, Charles C., Faircloth, Brian O., and Zediker, Mark S. Method and system for advancement of a borehole using a high power laser. United States: N. p., 2014. Web.
Moxley, Joel F., Land, Mark S., Rinzler, Charles C., Faircloth, Brian O., & Zediker, Mark S. Method and system for advancement of a borehole using a high power laser. United States.
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