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Title: Magnetorheological materials, method for making, and applications thereof

A magnetorheological material comprises a magnetic particle and a ceramic material, wherein the magnetorheological material is in a dried form and further wherein a portion of the ceramic material is in the form of a nanocrystalline coating over the entire exterior surface of the magnetic particle and another portion of the ceramic material is in the form of a free nanocrystal. A magnetorheological material comprises a magnetic particle having a ceramic material coating over an external surface thereof as a result of a coating process, and a free nanocrystal of the ceramic material in the form of a residual by-product of the coating process. A sol-gel process for making a magnetorheological product comprises providing a sol of a desired ceramic coating material; combining a desired quantity of carbonyl iron (CI) particles with the sol to coat the CI particles with the ceramic coating material; creating a resulting quantity of nanocrystalline ceramic material-coated CI particles and a quantity of free nanocrystals of the ceramic material; and, drying the resulting quantity of coated CI particles and free nanocrystals to a moisture content equal to or less than 2 wt %.
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University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) NNSASC
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University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (United States)
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United States

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