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Title: System and method for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides in combustion exhaust gases

A multi-stage selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit (32) provides efficient reduction of NOx and other pollutants from about C. in a power plant (19). Hydrogen (24) and ammonia (29) are variably supplied to the SCR unit depending on temperature. An upstream portion (34) of the SCR unit catalyzes NOx+NH.sub.3 reactions above about C. A downstream portion (36) catalyzes NOx+H.sub.2 reactions below about C., and catalyzes oxidation of NH.sub.3, CO, and VOCs with oxygen in the exhaust above about C., efficiently removing NOx and other pollutants over a range of conditions with low slippage of NH.sub.3. An ammonia synthesis unit (28) may be connected to the SCR unit to provide NH.sub.3 as needed, avoiding transport and storage of ammonia or urea at the site. A carbonaceous gasification plant (18) on site may supply hydrogen and nitrogen to the ammonia synthesis unit, and hydrogen to the SCR unit.
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Siemens Energy, Inc. (Orlando, FL) NETL
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Patent File Date: 2008 May 16
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Siemens Energy, Inc., Orlando, FL (United States)
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United States

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