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Title: Thermochemical nanolithography components, systems, and methods


Improved nanolithography components, systems, and methods are described herein. The systems and methods generally employ a resistively heated atomic force microscope tip to thermally induce a chemical change in a surface. In addition, certain polymeric compositions are also disclosed.

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DOESC (USDOE Office of Science (SC) (United States))
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Georgia Tech Research Corporation (Atlanta, GA)
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United States

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Riedo, Elisa, Marder, Seth R., de Heer, Walt A., Szoskiewicz, Robert J., Kodali, Vamsi K., Jones, Simon C., Okada, Takashi, Wang, Debin, Curtis, Jennifer E., Henderson, Clifford L., & Hua, Yueming. Thermochemical nanolithography components, systems, and methods. United States.
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