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Title: Transgenic plants expressing GLK1 and CCA1 having increased nitrogen assimilation capacity


Provided herein are compositions and methods for producing transgenic plants. In specific embodiments, transgenic plants comprise a construct comprising a polynucleotide encoding CCA1, GLK1 or bZIP1, operably linked to a plant-specific promote, wherein the CCA1, GLK1 or bZIP1 is ectopically overexpressed in the transgenic plants, and wherein the promoter is optionally a constitutive or inducible promoter. In other embodiments, transgenic plants in which express a lower level of CCA1, GLK1 or bZIP1 are provided. Also provided herein are commercial products (e.g., pulp, paper, paper products, or lumber) derived from the transgenic plants (e.g., transgenic trees) produced using the methods provided herein.

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  3. Woodside, NY
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New York University (New York, NY)
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New York University (New York, NY)
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United States

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Coruzzi, Gloria, Gutierrez, Rodrigo A, and Nero, Damion C. Transgenic plants expressing GLK1 and CCA1 having increased nitrogen assimilation capacity. United States: N. p., 2012. Web.
Coruzzi, Gloria, Gutierrez, Rodrigo A, & Nero, Damion C. Transgenic plants expressing GLK1 and CCA1 having increased nitrogen assimilation capacity. United States.
Coruzzi, Gloria, Gutierrez, Rodrigo A, and Nero, Damion C. Tue . "Transgenic plants expressing GLK1 and CCA1 having increased nitrogen assimilation capacity". United States.
title = {Transgenic plants expressing GLK1 and CCA1 having increased nitrogen assimilation capacity},
author = {Coruzzi, Gloria and Gutierrez, Rodrigo A and Nero, Damion C},
abstractNote = {Provided herein are compositions and methods for producing transgenic plants. In specific embodiments, transgenic plants comprise a construct comprising a polynucleotide encoding CCA1, GLK1 or bZIP1, operably linked to a plant-specific promote, wherein the CCA1, GLK1 or bZIP1 is ectopically overexpressed in the transgenic plants, and wherein the promoter is optionally a constitutive or inducible promoter. In other embodiments, transgenic plants in which express a lower level of CCA1, GLK1 or bZIP1 are provided. Also provided herein are commercial products (e.g., pulp, paper, paper products, or lumber) derived from the transgenic plants (e.g., transgenic trees) produced using the methods provided herein.},
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place = {United States},
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