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Title: Fluorescent sensor for mercury


The present invention provides a sensor for detecting mercury, comprising: a first polynucleotide, comprising a first region, and a second region, a second polynucleotide, a third polynucleotide, a fluorophore, and a quencher, wherein the third polynucleotide is optionally linked to the second region; the fluorophore is linked to the first polynucleotide and the quencher is linked to the second polynucleotide, or the fluorophore is linked to the second polynucleotide and the quencher is linked to the first polynucleotide; the first region and the second region hybridize to the second polynucleotide; and the second region binds to the third polynucleotide in the presence of Hg.sup.2+ ions.

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  1. Urbana, IL
  2. Evanston, IL
  3. Champaign, IL
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Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY (United States)
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The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois (Urbana, IL)
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United States

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Wang, Zidong, Lee, Jung Heon, and Lu, Yi. Fluorescent sensor for mercury. United States: N. p., 2011. Web.
Wang, Zidong, Lee, Jung Heon, & Lu, Yi. Fluorescent sensor for mercury. United States.
Wang, Zidong, Lee, Jung Heon, and Lu, Yi. Tue . "Fluorescent sensor for mercury". United States.
title = {Fluorescent sensor for mercury},
author = {Wang, Zidong and Lee, Jung Heon and Lu, Yi},
abstractNote = {The present invention provides a sensor for detecting mercury, comprising: a first polynucleotide, comprising a first region, and a second region, a second polynucleotide, a third polynucleotide, a fluorophore, and a quencher, wherein the third polynucleotide is optionally linked to the second region; the fluorophore is linked to the first polynucleotide and the quencher is linked to the second polynucleotide, or the fluorophore is linked to the second polynucleotide and the quencher is linked to the first polynucleotide; the first region and the second region hybridize to the second polynucleotide; and the second region binds to the third polynucleotide in the presence of Hg.sup.2+ ions.},
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