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Title: Methods, computer readable media, and graphical user interfaces for analysis of frequency selective surfaces

A frequency selective surface (FSS) and associated methods for modeling, analyzing and designing the FSS are disclosed. The FSS includes a pattern of conductive material formed on a substrate to form an array of resonance elements. At least one aspect of the frequency selective surface is determined by defining a frequency range including multiple frequency values, determining a frequency dependent permittivity across the frequency range for the substrate, determining a frequency dependent conductivity across the frequency range for the conductive material, and analyzing the frequency selective surface using a method of moments analysis at each of the multiple frequency values for an incident electromagnetic energy impinging on the frequency selective surface. The frequency dependent permittivity and the frequency dependent conductivity are included in the method of moments analysis.
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  1. Shelley, ID
  2. Idaho Falls, ID
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Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC (Idaho Falls, ID) IDO
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US Patent Application 11/939,358
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Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)
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United States