DOE Science Showcase - Perovskites

High-efficiency perovskite crystals produced by LANL scientists
Image Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory

A class of materials called perovskites may hold promise in development of a low-cost, commercially viable solution for solar cells to capture sunlight for abundant solar energy.  According to scientists at Ames Laboratory, “Perovskites are optically active, semiconducting compounds that are known to display intriguing electronic, light-emitting and chemical properties.”  Department of Energy researchers say perovskites are attractive as an enhancement or replacement for silicon in solar cells because of their low cost, easy processability, and high power conversion efficiency.  Perovskite materials are now considered to be the future of solar cells and are playing a role in next-generation electric batteries, sensors, lasers, fuel cells, memory devices, spintronics, and other applications.  Visit perovskites research information and related resources shown below to learn more about these amazing materials.

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