DOE Science Showcase - Infrasound and Ultrasound

Image Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory 

Infrasound is sound below the human audible limit of 20 Hz, and ultrasound is sound above the human audible limit of 20 kHz.  Researchers use infrasound and ultrasound waves on DOE-funded research and development with remarkable results.  Research projects utilizing infrasound technology include international nuclear monitoring and verification, as well as monitoring natural events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and weather patterns.  Recent projects utilizing ultrasound technology include additive manufacturing, nuclear power plant concrete imaging, geothermal energy systems production, and resonant ultrasound spectroscopy (RUS).  The image above shows a sample to be measured by RUS lightly pinned between acoustic transmitting and receiving transducers.  More information as well as DOE research reports, publications, and data collections about infrasound and ultrasound wave technology are available in DOE Databases and related resources provided below. 

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