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DOE Patents Redesign



Figure 276340: DOE Patents

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DOE Patents Redesign

DOE Patents Redesign

DOE Patents has been redesigned to improve your ability to explore and discover patent information resulting from DOE-funded research and development.

DOE Patents now reflects the look of OSTI’s flagship search tool OSTI.GOV, and resource-specific search tools DOE PAGES, DOE CODE, DOE ScienceCinema, and DOE Data Explorer.  In addition to the new look, the search interface has been updated, account functionality has been added, and a news page is now available.

The new search interface allows users to perform basic and advanced searches directly from the homepage.  Users can then refine results using patent-specific filter options such as Inventor or Issue Date.  An “Other Related Research” tab has been added to the top of the full record page and displays “Similar” works that may be comparable in content to that record. The “Other Related Research” tab may also include “Related Works” such as other patents, journal articles, software, and datasets related to that patent. 

DOE Patents now offers personal account registration, so users can save searches, set up alerts, and create and export lists of records in multiple formats including CSV and XML.  Account registration is not mandatory, but it enables more interactive features and customization.

DOE Patents provides comprehensive coverage of patents resulting from DOE funding and helps demonstrate the Department’s contribution to scientific progress in the physical sciences and other disciplines.  The redesign of DOE Patents is part of OSTI’s ongoing efforts to make science more open, efficient, and reproducible – and to better serve the needs of researchers and the American public.  For more information, please visit DOE Patents or email doepatentscomments@osti.gov.