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DOE Patents Adds Patent References



Figure 275256: DOepatents

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DOE Patents now provides a more complete view of patent information.  For many of the patent records found in DOE Patents, cited references have been compiled and are displayed on a new References tab within the record.  You can filter these references by type, including journal, book, patent, and patent application.  Each reference can be reached via a digital object identifier (DOI) or URL.  DOE Patents has also added an Other Related Research tab on the record page, with “Similar Records” found in DOE Patents and OSTI.GOV that may be of interest because they are similar to the record you’ve selected.  These features increase discoverability of DOE-funded patents and associated research.  For more information on these new features and how to search DOE Patents, see our DOE Patents tutorial.

DOE Patents is a comprehensive collection of patents that DOE has funded through a variety of mechanisms, including grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements.  Through a partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and regular updates to the database, DOE Patents provides access to the full complement of patents resulting from research funded by DOE.  The patent records include bibliographic metadata and the full text of the patent when available, via links to USPTO or to the PDF hosted at OSTI. 

OSTI continues to add reference information to DOE Patents records as we work toward a modern research environment of linked research objects.  Please send any questions and comments to doepatentscomments@osti.gov.