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Anniversary Special: DOE PAGES Turns 5!



Figure 276495: Department of Energy DOE PAGES Public Access Gateway for Energy & Science

Figure 276495: DOE Pages Anniversary image

On August 4, 2019, the Department of Energy Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (DOE PAGES) turns 5, signifying half a decade of making peer-reviewed scholarly publications resulting from DOE research funding publicly accessible to read, download, and analyze.  DOE conducts more than $12 billion a year in research and development (R&D), and the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) helps ensure a return on those investments by making DOE-funded R&D results publicly available via a suite of innovative, online discovery tools. DOE PAGES was developed to implement a key element of the DOE Public Access Plan.  Specifically, it provides access to the “gold standard” of scientific research outputs — peer-reviewed journal articles or final accepted manuscripts resulting from agency funding — within 12 months of publication.  Originally released as a Beta version, DOE PAGES has gone through a number of changes during its lifetime, continuously improving availability of DOE research, and moving into a production state. In late spring 2019, DOE PAGES received its biggest update yet, with a total user interface makeover, new look and feel, adding filtering options, improved reference and citation information, and improved account features.

DOE PAGES provides access to DOE-funded authors’ accepted manuscripts from the Energy Department’s National Labs and grantee institutions and to the public access offerings of publishers. For publisher-hosted content, the Department collaborates with CHORUS, the publisher consortium working with agencies to monitor and deliver access to published articles funded by those agencies. The DOE PAGES collection has grown from its initial 6,500 records to over 82,000, with 74,000 resources available as full text.  These records are curated in-house by a team of information scientists to ensure accuracy of metadata and to enhance findability.  A key factor behind DOE's early success in public access has been the support of all DOE program and site offices along with all 17 national labs and their representatives in the DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program.  The content of DOE PAGES will continue to grow and become an increasingly important component of the over 3 million DOE R&D publications, datasets, patents, software packages, and videos that OSTI already makes publicly available.

The future of DOE PAGES is bright as OSTI focuses on continued innovation to provide access to DOE-funded research.  Here’s to the next 5 years in DOE’s continued implementation of public access and open science!

For more information, please visit DOE PAGES or email pagescomments@osti.gov.