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DOE Data Explorer Redesign



Figure 275987: DOE Data Explorer

Figure 275987: DOE Data Explorer Redesign image

The DOE Data Explorer (DDE) was redesigned with new features that help you explore, refine, and save your search results.

The redesigned search tool now reflects the look of OSTI’s flagship search tool OSTI.GOV, the scientific software and services platform DOE CODE, and the multimedia search tool DOE ScienceCinema, further unifying the DOE OSTI product environment.  News and informative pages about DOE Data ID Services have been added to the site to provide additional information about new functionality and services for our users.

From the DDE homepage, users can browse by the three product types – data Projects, data Collections, and Datasets.  Once you’ve performed a search, you can also refine your search results for each product type through the use of various filter options shown on the left side of the screen.  An Other Related Research tab has been added at the top of the full record page, displaying works that may be similar in content, and may include works related to the dataset or data collection.  Users can also view cited by and reference information for Datasets or data Collections, when that information is available, by selecting the References or Cited by tabs at the top of the full record page.

DDE also now offers personal account registration, where you can save searches, set up alerts, and create and export lists of records in multiple formats including CSV and XML.  Account registration is not mandatory, but it enables more interactive features and customization.

DDE is OSTI’s search tool for finding DOE-funded, publicly available, scientific data submitted by data centers, repositories, and other organizations funded by the Department. The redesign of DDE is part of OSTI’s ongoing efforts to make science more open, efficient, and reproducible – and to better serve the needs of DOE-funded researchers and the American public.  For more information, visit DDE or email ddecomments@osti.gov.