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2017 Data ID Service Workshop

September 13-14th, 2017
Office of Scientific and Techincal Information, Oak Ridge, TN

The Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) will hold a 2-day research data focused workshop September 13-14th, 2017 at OSTI in Oak Ridge, TN.  The goal of the workshop is to share information about the DOE Data ID Service and Interagency Data ID Service, gain a deeper understanding of researchers' data needs, and determine how to better support those needs. 

We want to tackle evolving changes in the data world that may influence the growth and enhancements to the products and services we provide. We also want to discuss issues that data researchers are beginning to confront.

Downloadable Agenda

Note: For sessions noted as "working" sessions, the format will start with a 5 to 10 minute introduction to the topic, an hour of discussion in small breakout groups, followed by time for each group to summarize their discussion, conclusions, or recommendations.

The agenda below includes links to presentation materials.


Day 1:

9:00 am:
Introductions and Breakfast
9:15 am:
Welcome to OSTI and Updates since 2016 Data ID Service Workshop (Informational)
10:00 am:
Frequently Asked Questions (Informational and Working)
Breakout groups will discuss commonly asked questions and issues.
11:00 am:
11:15 am:
The Submission Process and DOIs (2 tracks - Informational and Working)
Informational Track - DOI registration with OSTI's Data ID Services: The process from signing up, to production, and troubleshooting your users' issues
Working Track - Discussing experiences registering data with DOIs, DOI registration granularity, using the submission API
12:30 pm:
Lunch on your own
For those interested, attendees will be able to place an order from a selection of restaurants to be picked up and delivered to OSTI for lunch.
1:30 pm:
Defining Dataset Types (Working)
Controlled vocabulary for data types: what should change in the current vocabulary, how, and why?
2:45 pm:
IAD Client Projects - Roundtable (Informational)
How sister agencies (EPA, DOT, NASA, NIH) are utilizing DOIs for data.
3:35 pm:
3:50 pm:
Data Publication and Citing Data (Working)
Data citation, Public Access for digital data, data papers and data journals, etc.
5:00 pm:
Close for the day
6:00 pm:
Group Dinner at Aubrey's
481 S Illinois Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Day 2:

8:45 am:
Welcome and breakfast
9:00 am:
DataCite's Recent Work (Informational)
Leverging DataCite's recent work to enhance data interactions with your own users.
9:30 am:
DOE Data Explorer and Data Discovery (Informational and Working)
Demonstrations of new DDE structure and product types; how do researchers/program managers/public search for data? How should these needs translate into enhancements to OSTI's data products?
11:00 am:
11:15 am:
Geolocation Data (Informational and Working)
Geolocation in DOE Data Explorer
Panel discussion with geolocation experts; How do you use/search for geolocation data? What tools are commonly used?
12:45 pm:
Lunch on your own
For those interested, a food truck, Untamed Kitchen, will be on-site with lunch options for purchase.
1:45 pm:
Optional tour of OSTI facilities
2:15 pm:
Software (Informational and Working)
Software as data, OSTI's new product DOE Code, registering software with DOIs.
3:45 pm:
4:00 pm:
Open Discussion (Working)
Open floor for talking through common issues and questions, summary of two-day workshop, action items for OSTI.
5:00 pm:
Closing Remarks

2017 Data Workshop Attendees

Attendee Contact Email
Moody Altamimi
David Bernholdt
Brian Cain
Stuart Campbel
Leighton Christiansen
Bob Conrad
David Crocker
Michael Crow
Ashley Douglas
Sean Dowd
Kyle Dumas
Josh Eng
Paul Fairbourn
Jonathan Franco
Rob Finger
Patricia Garvey
Garrett Granroth
Casey Guinan
Patrick Huck
Joh Steven Hughes
Shaun Johnson
Terri Killeffer
Kathryn Knight
Francis Knudson
Chris Kowalczyk
Leesa Laymance
Maggie Loera
Tracy McDermot
Alex Montilla
Joshua New
Mary Nijhuis
Tommian Parker
Giri Prakash
Shelly Ren
Nicole Samu
Chrystal Schrof
Nicholas Schwarz
Jon Weers