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Data ID Service Workshops

The Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) manages the DOE Data ID Service and the Interagency Data ID Service, which offers DOE researchers and U.S. Federal Agencies the opportunity to have Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) assigned to their data and registered with DataCite. We have begun hosting data-focused workshops with the goal of bringing together data researchers, data managers, and other stakeholders to share information about the Data ID Service, gain a better understanding of researchers' data needs, and determine how to better support these needs. OSTI hosted the first workshop in April 2016 at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC), and will be hosting a two-day workshop in September 2017 in Oak Ridge, TN. For more information about the upcoming workshop or to see materials from the 2016 workshop, please visit the pages below.

2016 Data ID Service Workshop
2017 Data ID Service Workshop