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Title: ORPC RivGen controller performance raw data - Igiugig 2015

Contains raw data for operations of Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) RivGen Power System in Igiugig 2015 in Matlab data file format. Two data files capture the data and timestamps for data, including power in, voltage, rotation rate, and velocity.
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Marine and Hydrokinetic Data Repository (MHKDR); Ocean Renewable Power Company
Ocean Renewable Power Company
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Wind and Water Technologies Office (EE-4W)
16 Tidal and Wave Power; Hydrokinetic; energy; power; controls; ORPC; RivGen; raw data; performance data; Matlab data; Igiugig
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  1. The DOE Marine and Hydrokinetic Data Repository was established to receive, manage and make available all marine and hydrokinetic-relevant data generated from projects funded by the DOE Water Power Programs. This includes data from DOE-funded projects associated with any portion of the marine and hydrokinetic project life-cycle (e.g. resource characterization, device development, demonstration), as well as data produced by DOE-funded research. The database includes wave, tidal, current, and ocean thermal energy, and contains information on the various energy conversion technologies, companies active in the field, and development of projects in the water.
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  1. Drifting hydrophone measurements obtained around the Ocean Renewable Power Company RivGen turbine near the village of Igiugig, Alaska in August, 2014. Each data set contains hydrophone voltage (as well as gain and sensitivity), position on the river (LAT, LONG, and proximity to turbine [xt, yt]),more » drift velocity, and contextual meteorological data. « less
  2. During the summer and fall of 2011 TerraSond Ltd. (TerraSond) completed a bathymetric survey and hydrokinetic energy assessment of the Kvichak River at Igiugig, Alaska. The purpose of this work was to characterize the initial site conditions for the design and installation of a hydrokineticmore » turbine to provide electric power for the village. There were six distinct phases of work for this project. The first was a literature review and investigation of prior surveys and hydrologic studies done in the area. The second, third, fourth, and fifth phases consisted of four field expeditions conducted over the summer and fall of 2011. These expeditions consisted of an initial reconnaissance, multi beam bathymetric surveys, flow velocity and discharge measurements, a survey of water levels, and detailed flow velocity studies. The final phase of the project was complete data reduction, and preparation of the final report with its accompanying map sheets and data packages. This submission contains the final report for the Kvichak River RiISEC Project in addition to weather data for Igiugig, AK, Summer 2015. « less
  3. Turbulence data collected in from a SWIFT drifter repeatedly released over the ORPC RivGen turbine
  4. Measurements of flow velocity, distribution and turbulence conducted by University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory, Igiugig, Alaska, Summer 2014
  5. Control System simulation models, case studies, and processing codes for analyzing field data. Raw data files included from VFD and SCADA. MatLab and Simulink are required to open some data files and all model files.